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Borschelt Named Interim CEO of BIA as Jennison Steps Down

February 17, 2010

Brick Industry Association (BIA) Chairman Mike Jenkins recently announced that Dick Jennison has tendered his resignation as president and CEO of the association, a position he has held since August 2002. Jennison has elected to leave the BIA in order to pursue other professional challenges and opportunities.

“Doubtlessly, we all have many good reasons to admire Dick’s work on our industry’s behalf over the past seven-plus years, as well as good memories of our times spent with him,” said Jenkins. “As I reflect on the condition of our association back in 2002 compared to where we are today, it is readily apparent that we have made considerable progress in the pursuit of our mission-and many of the successes relate to the initiatives and commitment that Dick has provided to our association.”

Jennison’s most notable contributions include:
  • Unification of the industry by merging three regional, autonomous brick associations under the Brick Industry Association umbrella organization
  • Creation of the “Five Year Strategic Marketing Plan” to provide a strategic framework from which to align and measure programs and spending initiatives across the BIA and its four regions
  • Achievement of unqualified audit opinions for seven straight years
  • Development of new and expanded Knowledge Capital Programs to provide fact-based, decision-making tools to its members
  • Design, establishment and deployment of a new regional strategic business model utilizing manufacturer and distributor involvement in the 17-state Midwest/Northeast region
  • Performance testing and comparison of brick veneer and other residential claddings
“We wish Dick every success and the best of luck as he continues to develop his career,” said Jenkins. “We are grateful for his many contributions, as our association is clearly a much more effective and functional entity than it was when he joined the organization in 2002.”

J. Gregg Borchelt, P.E., who currently serves as secretary of the BIA, has been named interim CEO. Borschelt has also served as head of the Engineering and Research department since 1988 and is well-suited to help the association fulfill its mission statement and continue its pursuit of the seven strategic goals.

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