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May 1, 2007
Acme Brick Co. breaks ground on a new company headquarters; the Uphill Grout Hog® eliminates the backbreaking weight of manual material handling.

Left to right: Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, Fort Worth City Councilperson Wendy Davis, Acme President and CEO Dennis Knautz, Fort Worth City Councilperson Chuck Silcox, and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce President Bill Thornton break ground for Acme's new Fort Worth headquarters and shovel clay into a container. The clay is being used in the manufacture of brick for the new structure.

Breaking New Ground

Acme Brick Co. has a 115-year history of moving large amounts of earth, and the October 6, 2006, groundbreaking for the company's new headquarters was no exception. Dennis Knautz, president and chief executive officer, dug the first symbolic shovelful of earth for Acme's new location at 3101 Bryant Irvin Rd., Fort Worth, Texas. Earth from this first dig was sent to Acme's brick plant to be incorporated into the brick being manufactured for the new building.

Acme's new headquarters will total 77,000 square feet and will rise three stories above Fort Worth's Trinity River nature trail. Completion of the structure, designed by Gideon Toal Architects of Fort Worth, is expected in the fall. The headquarters' exterior will be comprised of several Acme brick blends and native Texas limestone from the company's Texas Quarries natural stone division. Brick blends from each of Acme's 23 brick plants and products from all of Acme's affiliated companies will be incorporated into the building's design.

"We think that this is an extraordinary site along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, with great access and egress once the Southwest Parkway is completed," said Knautz. "Our new building has been designed to serve as our headquarters for the next 50 years, just as our current building has done since 1952. All of our employees are looking forward to working in the new headquarters building that is being built with the same high-quality building materials that we provide for our customers every day."

For more information regarding Acme Brick, contact the company at P.O. Box 425, Fort Worth, TX 76l0l; (800) 792-l234; or visit www.brick.com.

The Uphill Grout Hog eliminates the backbreaking weight of manual material handling.

PRODUCT PROFILE: Uphill Delivery

Technology advances are constantly in demand in the brick industry as manufacturers face problems ranging from excessive dust, product loss, downtime and operator safety. After years in development, the Uphill Grout Hog® is now available to address some of these concerns.

Originally developed as a grout delivery system, the Uphill Grout Hog is ideal for transporting bulk materials such as sand, powders or slurry mixes. The reversible and removable auger, which reduces potential plugging, can handle up to 1/2-in. aggregate and allows for an easy 15-minute cleanup. With a large 3/4-yard hopper, the Uphill Grout Hog can unload three quarters of a cubic yard of dry material in approximately two minutes, if run continuously.

Built for use with a forklift, the Uphill Grout Hog eliminates the backbreaking weight of manual material handling, as well as concerns regarding low overhead height. The swivel base allows for dispensing from all angles while eliminating forklift moves. The 8-ft reinforced, collapsible hose provides precision flow control that contributes to improved indoor air quality and a good work environment.

Complete custom product design is available to tailor the product to the precise application. With an up-to-date, technologically designed manufacturing facility, the company offers customers the opportunity to work with a team of engineers to create the right equipment for specific bulk material needs.

For more information about the system, contact EZ Grout Corp. at 405 Watertown Rd., Waterford, OH 45786; (800) 417-9272; or visit www.ezgrout.com.