Ceramic Industry

Brookhaven Instruments: Photodiode Detection

June 21, 2002
Brookhaven Instruments recently launched a photodiode detector option for its 90Plus particle size analyzer, enabling it to detect particles with hydrodynamic radii as small as 1.5 nm. The BI-APD avalanche photodiode detector has more than 10 times the sensitivity of the standard PMT detector using only the standard 30 mW laser. The BI-APD can be used in conjunction with Brookhaven's ZetaPlus and ZetaPALS instruments to take measurements of small globular proteins, micelles, microemulsions, superfine inorganic oxides, metal particles and even hydrated salt ions. Analysis of weakly scattering samples becomes much easier and, because a high-powered laser is not required, more economical.

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