Ceramic Industry

Brush Ceramics Increases Manufacturing Capacity In Arizona Facility

July 7, 2005

Brush Ceramic Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brush Wellman Inc., has increased manufacturing capacity in its Arizona facility to keep pace with increasing product demand. Upgrades to the manufacturing presses that take the beryllium oxide (BeO) powder and produce substrates have enabled shorter set-up times and more throughput. As a result, lead times for finished substrates have been reduced up to 60% for some products. Quality has also increased at the Tucson facility as the pressure, time and speed of the presses is now more tightly regulated, resulting in more consistent substrates. Increased demand stems from steady growth in the telecom, medical device and laser markets, and from an anticipated spurt in semiconductors at the end of this year into next year. The upgrades took over a month to complete and customers are now beginning to see shorter lead times for most ceramic substrate products.

For more information, visit http://www.brushceramics.com.