Ceramic Industry

Bunting Magnetics Co.: Separation Equipment

August 8, 2001
Bunting Magnetics Co. manufactures an extensive line of both magnetic and electronic separation equipment designed to work individually or in tandem to remove ferrous and nonferrous metal contaminants from mechanical, gravity or pneumatic conveying systems. The company's magnetic metal separation equipment, which can be ordered to meet specific construction standards, is available in a wide range of models to handle any application. These magnet-based separators are engineered for trouble-free installation. They use permanent magnets to capture all types of ferrous debris from dry particulates, liquids and slurries, and provide continuous protection against tramp iron with minimal maintenance.

For more information, call (800) 835-2526 or (316) 284-2020, or e-mail bmc@buntingmagnetics.com.