Ceramic Industry

Business Communications Co., Inc.: Report on Advanced Ceramic Powders

April 30, 2003
According to an updated report from Business Communications Co., Inc. (BCC), "RGB-102U Advanced Ceramic Powders and Nano Ceramic Powders," the total U.S. market for advanced ceramic powders in 2002, including nano-sized powders, is estimated to be 918 million pounds worth $1,605 million. This is projected to increase to 1,178 million pounds worth $2,286 million by the year 2007, as the value of the market grows at an annual average growth rate of 7.3% through the forecast period. In 2002, advanced ceramic powder still constituted 97.5% in volume and 90.4% in value. However, in the next five years, the volume will go down to 95.9% while the value will go down to 89.5%. This is due to increased usage of nanoceramic powders. Among the ceramic powders, oxide constitutes 97.3% of the market in volume and 88.5% in value in 2002. However, by 2007, volume share of the oxides will be 98.2%, while the value share will go down slightly to 87.9%. The updated report, to be published in June 2003, is priced at $3950.

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