Ceramic Industry

Buzzmac: Nondestructive Testing Line

November 4, 2004
BuzzMac Software recently announced the release of version 4.1 of its nondestructive tester, Buzz-o-sonic, and version 2.1 of its Excel(TM) workbook, Elastic Constants.xls. Buzz-o-sonic converts any PC or MAC into a dynamic elastic property tester, requiring only a microphone as additional hardware. Buzz-o-sonic measures the elastic properties of materials from their resonant frequencies following a light mechanical shock (impulse excitation). Cracks and other defects can also be detected from a power spectrum display. Buzz-o-sonic can now be custom designed for high temperature and higher frequency analyses, allowing a wider range of samples to be tested. The unit complies with various ASTM standards, such as E1876 and C1259.

Trial versions of Buzz-o-sonic and the Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded from http://www.buzzmac.com/bswinform.mv and http://www.buzzmac.com/xldownloads.mv, respectively. For more information, e-mail paul@buzzmac.com.