Ceramic Industry

BYK-Gardner: Test Chart

May 29, 2003
BYK-Gardner recently introduced its new byko-chart, a high-quality, low-cost test chart. Consistent color and gloss of drawdown charts are essential in order to produce an accurate drawdown or database. Variation in either of these parameters will lead to poor quality and performance of the database. BYK-Gardner's new charts have the most consistent L*a*b* values in the industry, along with superior blocking, moisture and warp resistance. In addition, the gloss values will always stay the same, regardless of the form or the lot number. The company also uses an environmentally friendly topcoat. The new charts are available in many different forms and styles, including opacity, penopac, opacity/display, spreading rate, display, and plain white charts.

For more information, call (800) 343-7721, fax (800) 394-8215 or e-mail custserv@bykgardnerusa.com .