Ceramic Industry

Camfil Farr: Air Pollution Control Brochure

November 15, 2001
Camfil Farr has published a product and capabilities brochure describing its full line of dust, mist and fume collectors for air pollution control and product recovery. The equipment may be used for all types of industrial and agricultural applications. The 16-page brochure describes key features, benefits and applications for this equipment, including the recently introduced Gold Series(R) high efficiency cartridge collector and Big Round Filter (BRF) reverse air dust collector. Also described are the company's customer service programs, R&D and engineering support. In addition, the company's full-service laboratory is equipped to perform a battery of tests on customer dust samples.

For additional information, call (800) 479-6801, fax (800) 222-6891, e-mail filterman@camfilfarr.com or visit http://www.camfilfarr.com/apc.