Ceramic Industry

Camfill Farr: Updated Cartridge Dust Collector

February 25, 2002
Camfil Farr has introduced an updated line of cartridge dust and fume collectors that combines enhanced media performance with ease of service. The Gold Series(R) collector uses new Poly-Tech(TM) media, an advanced silicone-impregnated polyester/cellulose media with excellent filtration efficiency and high humidity resistance. In most cases, it meets or exceeds the 5 mg per cubic meter emissions threshold (on non-hazardous dusts) required to recirculate air back into the workplace. Its smooth surface offers superior dust release characteristics for more efficient cartridge cleaning. The Gold Series collector is ideal for removal of all types of fine, dry dusts. The line improves upon the key benefits of cartridge collection -- high filtration efficiency, excellent energy performance and long element life. Other features include heavy, 10-gauge construction for durable performance; reversible, easy-to-open access doors; and a patented cambar system that allows fast, trouble-free cartridge changeout with no tools needed.

For additional information, call (800) 479-6801, fax (800) 222-6891, e-mail filterman@camfilfarr.com or visit http://www.camfilfarr.com/apc.