Ceramic Industry

Carbolite: New Box And Tube Furnaces

February 16, 2004
Carbolite will show a versatile new line of tube furnaces with heated lengths of up to 48 in. and a new line of high-temperature box furnaces in booth 3932 at Pittcon 2004. The GTF tube furnaces, which operate to 1200C, are available with six heated lengths from 18-48 in. in both horizontal and vertical designs, and with either single- or three-zone control. Three-zone units provide excellent linear temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. The new HTF line of box furnaces has been designed specifically to provide cost-effective heating of ceramics and other high-temperature materials to 1700C and 1800C. Seven different sizes allow selection of the ideal chamber capacity.

Carbolite's website is located at http://www.carbolite.com .