Ceramic Industry

Carl Zeiss, Inc.: Axio Vision Mark & Find Software Module

August 1, 2001
Carl Zeiss, Inc. has introduced a new AxioVision Mark & Find software module that offers major advantages in ergonomic evaluation of specimens, reproducibility of measurements and optimum utilization of the automated microscope. The software can be used to mark positions on microscope slides and to reposition marked objects for further processing. It can be used with motorized and encoded stages, and a supplied calibration specimen guarantees high repositioning accuracy. It is also possible to relocate stored positions of a specimen on other microscopes. A database for case-related management of the data of several specimens and position lists is also available.

For more information, call (800) 233-2343, ext., 7857, e-mail micro@zeiss.com or visit http://www.zeiss.com/micro.