Ceramic Industry

Carl Zeiss, Inc.: Digital Microscope Camera

August 21, 2001
Carl Zeiss, Inc. has introduced AxioCam, a new digital microscope camera for the documentation of microscopic and macroscopic examinations. AxioCam provides optimum image quality and ultra-high resolution in all areas of materials microscopy. The ultra-high image resolution of 3900 x 3090 pixels guarantees loss-free images at full microscope resolution in real color. The resolution can be set in a range from 1300 x 1030 pixels to 3900 x 3090 pixels and matched to the relevant tasks. All images in these formats are taken without any color or size interpolation, which means genuine image information at maximum resolution.

For additional information, call (800) 233-2343 ext. 7858, e-mail micro@zeiss.com or visit http://www.zeiss.com/micro.