Ceramic Industry

Carl Zeiss SMT: New FESEM

July 7, 2005

Carl Zeiss SMT - Nano Technology Systems Division has released its new SUPRA(TM) 40 series of ultra-high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscopes (FESEMs), which replaces the previous SUPRA 35 and SUPRA 50 FESEM models. The new nano tool is based on the latest version of the ZEISS GEMINI(R) FESEM column, which delivers nanoscale high-resolution imaging over the entire voltage range without the need for adjustments. The SUPRA 40 has been developed as an extremely versatile workhorse capable of delivering high-quality solutions for the many demanding applications in the field of nano technology.

For more information, call (914) 747-7700, fax (914) 681-7443, e-mail bressan@smt.zeiss.com or visit http://www.smt.zeiss.com/nts.