Ceramic Industry

Carltex: Portable Data Logging System

July 11, 2005

The DaqPRO from Carltex Inc. is a low-cost, compact and portable 8-channel data acquisition and logging system. The unit features a large graphic display and powerful analysis functions, and every channel can be independently programmed for use with a wide variety of inputs, including voltage, current and temperature sensors. The DaqPRO can operate as a stand-alone unit using a long-life rechargeable battery, or it can be connected to a PC for advanced analysis functions with either real time logging or post-logging data download. With 16-bit sampling resolution, 512 KB onboard memory, and an up to 4 KHZ sampling rate (on one channel only), the DaqPRO is designed to provide data acquisition professionals with a data logging system for a wide variety of applications.

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