Ceramic Industry

Carolina Ceramics Completes $25 Million Expansion

October 3, 2005
Carolina Ceramics Brick Co. recently completed a $25 million plant expansion that has enabled the company to double its brick making capacity from 40 million to 80 million brick per year. The expansion, part of a long-range plan developed by president and owner, Michael W. Borden, includes the addition of the world's largest brick robot, a second Ceric, Inc. kiln, a new automatic setting machine, 60 new kiln cars, a new dryer, a new tunnel kiln, a 30,000-square-foot grinding plant, a complete automated car handling system, and an automatic kiln car cleaner. The company expects that the new automated equipment will provide consistency and enhance quality when batching brick. "This multi-million dollar investment has allowed us to improve and enhance our product line and expand our capacity," said Borden. "Our architect and builder customers have asked for more colors and new products, and we have responded. These improvements were essential to maintaining and expanding our position as one of the leading brick manufacturers in the nation."

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