Ceramic Industry

CCI Celebrates Three Decades of Educational Services

March 19, 2002
The Ceramic Correspondence Institute (CCI) has been providing practical ceramic education to individuals with little or no formal training in ceramics/materials technology for 30 years. Since its inception in 1972, CCI has enrolled more than 2400 students in 50 countries. The recently established joint venture between CCI and World CyberUniversity has expanded, updated and added new CCI courses and brought them online via the Internet. "After 30 years, the need for training for those who have not had formal ceramic training remains the same," said Dr. Carl Frahme, co-founder of CCI. "In fact, that need has increased as the industry has grown and its technology and manufacturing have become more complex."

For more information, call (614) 794-5817, e-mail cci@acers.org or visit http://www.acers.org.