Ceramic Industry

Centorr Announces Aftermarket Fourth Quarter Sales Event

November 20, 2001
Centorr/Vacuum Industries has announced a sale for aftermarket parts and services for owners of its line of vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces. As part of the sale, hourly rates for all field service work will be reduced by 25%; all laboratory testing in the Applied Technology Center will be reduced by 15%; all hot zone work for either metal or graphite zones will be reduced 10%; all water-cooled cables, power feedthroughs and Fritz clamps will be 10% off; and all Series 2 Gettering furnaces and accessories, pump lubricants and tungsten mesh elements will be 5% off. The sale runs through December 31, 2001.

For additional information, call (603) 595-7233 ext. 260 or e-mail drd@centorr.com.