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Centorr Appoints Representative in Japan (posted 9/24/08)

September 24, 2008
MIM Technology Co., Ltd. has been named sales representative in Japan for Centorr's metal injection molding (MIM) furnaces.

Centorr Vacuum Industries, Inc. recently announced it has appointed MIM Technology Co., Ltd. as its sales representative in Japan for metal injection molding (MIM) furnaces. The company’s principal, Fumio Nishihara, has had a long career in the metal injection molding industry and is well acquainted with the process, especially with regards to binder systems. MIM Technology also sells its own binders and offers MIM process consulting.

MIM Technology Co., Ltd. is based at Sawa-Bldg, 406, 313-8, Naka, Maniwa-city, Okayama, Japan. The company can also be reached via phone at 0867-42-8320 or e-mail at mim@mja.co.jp. For additional information, call (603) 595-7233 or visit www.centorr.com.