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Ceradyne Diaphorm Receives $9.5 Million Order for Helmet Components

September 19, 2011

Ceradyne Inc. recently announced it has received orders for $9.5 million for its Seamless Ballistic® helmet components. These components will be enhanced with various upgrades and then shipped to certain elite military units worldwide. This order will be produced at Ceradyne’s wholly owned subsidiary, Ceradyne Diaphorm in Salem, N.H. Shipments will begin immediately, with the bulk of the order scheduled for 2012 shipment.

“We are very pleased to have received this order from a valued, long-time customer of Ceradyne Diaphorm,” said Bob Miller, general manager of Ceradyne Diaphorm. “Although this is not the enhanced combat helmet (ECH) that is currently in advanced testing, nevertheless it is a significant order for Ceradyne Diaphorm and is illustrative of a potentially broad market here and with our allies for the Ceradyne Diaphorm proprietary helmet technology.”

For more information, visit www.ceradyne.com.