Ceramic Industry

Ceradyne Opens New Plant in China for Solar Energy Components (6/26/07)

June 26, 2007

Ceradyne, Inc. recently announced the opening ceremonies for its newly built 98,000-square-foot factory in Tianjin, China, which will produce high-purity ceramic crucibles for the forming of large polysilicon ingots for use in the manufacture of photovoltaic silicon solar cells. The facility, located on Ceradyne’s five-acre plot in Tianjin’s Tanggu National Marine High Tech Development Zone, will supply the exact components to its Chinese photovoltaic solar cell customer base as it is currently producing in Atlanta, Ga., where the technology was developed.

The Ceradyne Tianjin facility will be run by Ceradyne Chinese executives and engineers who have been trained by U.S.-based Ceradyne Thermo Materials’ management for some time. “This is a very exciting event for Ceradyne and particularly for Ceradyne Thermo Materials,” said Bruce Lockhart, the Ceradyne vice president responsible for the company’s solar energy efforts. “The new Tianjin plant replicates the Atlanta plant, but it is much larger to meet our Chinese customer requirements.”

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