Ceramic Industry

Ceradyne Receives Approval for New SAPI Design

June 21, 2002
Ceradyne, Inc. recently announced that its new design for its ceramic small arms protective inserts (SAPI) lightweight ceramic armor received First Article approval and production authorization from the U.S. Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia, the Army's Procurement Agency. Ceradyne has commenced production and will be shipping at a rate of approximately 4000 SAPI ceramic armor plates per month against the balance of its existing order. "The results of the government's evaluation at an independent testing laboratory were outstanding and confirm that our new SAPI system far exceeds specifications," said Joel Moskowitz, chief executive officer. "We believe this unusually robust system provides our armed forces with extremely reliable ballistic protection and that government requirements for SAPI ceramic armor plates will continue."

Additional information about Ceradyne can be found at http://www.ceradyne.com.