Ceramic Industry

Ceralink Grants MAT Sublicense to Harrop (11/28/06)

November 28, 2006

Ceralink Inc. has granted its first microwave assist technology (MAT) sublicense to Harrop Industries for the building and sale of a production-scale microwave assist electric elevator kiln. Ceralink is the exclusive authorized source for MAT in North America. MAT combines microwave heating with conventional gas or electric furnaces. The simultaneous application of radiant heat and microwave energy offers significant cost savings due to faster processing times and lower energy consumption.

Ceralink offers MAT sublicense packages that include design, construction and commissioning services. The company also provides feasibility testing and materials development for the manufacture of materials using MAT technology.

For more information, call (518) 283-7733, fax (518) 283-9134, e-mail patricia@ceralink.com or visit www.ceralink.com.