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Ceralink Launches New Website (posted 9/22/08)

September 22, 2008
The new site delivers information on testing capabilities and services.

Ceralink Inc. recently announced the launch of its redesigned and expanded website, which delivers in-depth information on Ceralink’s increased testing capabilities and services and announces the rollout of the company’s microwave and radio frequency (RF) equipment product lines. This includes the unveiling of the new MAT™ kiln products (available exclusively through Ceralink or Ceralink’s MAT Partners).

The new website also offers a comprehensive overview of services offered at Ceralink’s Microwave Technology Center, opportunities for licensing intellectual property and strategic partnering, access to the economic benefits offered by innovations in microwave technology, project examples and testimonials for Ceralink’s ceramic manufacturing solutions, and a technical resource library.

“Our new website was specifically designed as a comprehensive resource for our clients, potential clients, and strategic partners,” said Patricia Strickland, chief executive officer. “Our web presence reflects that Ceralink has grown into a global leader in the development of microwave processing technologies. We are dedicated to providing sustainable manufacturing solutions to the ceramic, metal, glass and composite markets we serve.”

For more information, call (518) 283-7733, fax (518) 283-9134, e-mail Patricia@ceralink.com or visit www.ceralink.com.