Ceramic Industry

Ceralink: Microwave Feasibility Studies

March 29, 2004
Ceralink Inc. is now offering a fast and inexpensive testing procedure for exploring the potential of microwave technology.

Ceralink Inc. has announced a fast, inexpensive "snap shot" feasibility testing procedure for companies interested in exploring the potential of using microwave technology in their manufacturing and quality control processes. Ceralink's Microwave Testing Center is a progressive laboratory that offers clients the ability to explore microwave technology in step wise stages, through small feasibility studies, extended feasibility, and scale up services. The center also showcases microwave furnaces, offers unbiased consulting on microwave equipment, and provides testing on furnaces prior to capital investment. Microwave technology can offer many benefits, including faster firing cycles; lower energy input; and cleaner, more cost-effective production.

For additional information, call (607) 587-9816, fax (607) 587-9535, e-mail patricia@ceralink.com or visit http://www.ceralink.com.