Ceramic Industry

Ceramaseal: Internal Infrared Heaters

January 3, 2002
Ceramaseal's internal infrared (IR) heaters are IR lamps specially designed for the internal heating of vacuum systems. The standard line of infrared heaters includes 2000- and 6400-watt units. These IR heaters and accessories are all high vacuum compatible. The heaters are easily mounted inside the vacuum chamber, allowing for efficient heating of internal components that are removed from the chamber wall. The heaters are perfect for baking out a system or heating up a substrate. Quartz bulbs provide directional heating, quick release sockets for easy bulb removal and a nickel reflector shield. The heaters are powered by two quick connect in-vacuum bakeable cables (optional) and two 12KV baseplate feedthroughs (optional).

For additional information, visit http://www.ceramaseal.com. To view the charts for the typical heating rate and the typical range of heat for the 2000-watt heater, visit http://www.ceramaseal.com/catalog/heaters.cfm.