Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Fuel Cells Licences Fuel Cell Coatings to NexTech

July 7, 2010

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. has entered a license agreement with U.S.-based NexTech Materials, Ltd., for NexTech to commercially offer solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) interconnect coating solutions based on Ceramic Fuel Cells’ patented formulations.

Ceramic Fuel Cells has patented a technology that protects metal interconnect plates from chromium poisoning. This solution, which Ceramic Fuel Cells uses in its own fuel cell products, is useful for other developers of SOFCs. Ceramic Fuel Cells will receive a royalty from NexTech Materials’ sales, creating an additional revenue stream from Ceramic Fuel Cells’ existing intellectual property.

For more information, visit www.cfcl.com.au or www.nextechmaterials.com.