Ceramic Industry

Ceramica El Mazarron Commissions New Brick Plant from Keller

January 29, 2002
Ceramica El Mazarron, a manufacturer of traditional ceramic products in Spain, recently reinforced its confidence in Keller HCW technology by ordering the setup of a new brick factory. The new factory will enable the company to produce 50 different sizes of brick with a daily output of 800 tons. Intense demands in regard to flexibility and quality were made on the machine technology, the dryer and the kiln. Equipment includes a universal or multi-wire cutter; a rusticator, for the application of color and texturing; automated loading, unloading and sorting; and an ECORAPID 2 dryer. The tunnel kiln, with a length of 170 m and a firing channel width of more than 7 m, is top fired and equipped with high-velocity side burners and injector burners in the ceiling. A pre-heater, which is installed directly in front of the kiln inlet, takes care of the homogenous preheating of the load.

For additional information, call (49) 54 51 85278, e-mail brunk_bru@keller.de or visit http://www.keller-hcw.de.