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ceramitec 2003 Draws Large International Crowd

December 3, 2003
Exhibitors and visitors from more than 40 countries met and mingled at this year's "global" ceramic fair.

More than 25,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors gathered for ceramitec 2003, which was held September 16-20, 2003, in Munich, Germany. While the total number of overall visitors declined by about 10% compared to ceramitec 2000, more than 60% of the visitors came from 106 countries outside Germany, setting a new record for international attendance at the show.

As with previous ceramitec shows, many participants saw significant value in the event. A survey of exhibitors conducted by NFO Infratest revealed that 89% used the fair for strengthening customer relations, 81% made progress on new deals with existing customers, and 74% paved the way for new business opportunities.

Among the highlights at Jyoti's booth were the company's newly introduced recrystallized alumina and mullite ceramic pyrometery tubes and high tension igniting electrodes.

Product Innovation

Visitors to this year's show saw a variety of new materials, equipment and consumables designed to improve ceramic manufacturing processes.

Ceric Wistra, for example, displayed a wide range of products and R&D programs, including its new Accuracy+ and Entropy+ technologies, which represent the next generation of high-temperature kilns. The systems are designed to provide improved product quality through superior temperature homogeneity and atmosphere regulation inside the kiln; energy savings from improved recuperation systems and process control in relation to temperature levels; and stricter environmental control, which results in the need for smaller waste gas cleaners and therefore lower energy consumption.

Jyoti Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd. showcased a variety of industrial ceramics, including custom engineered ceramic components, ball mill linings, wear resistant coatings, alumina ceramic lining tiles, ceramic micro-macro milling media and electrical heater parts. The highlight of Jyoti's exhibit was its newly introduced recrystallized alumina and mullite ceramic pyrometery tubes and high tension igniting electrodes.

A new vacuum pressing technology for the production of high-quality refractory products was on display at Laeis Bucher Technology GmbH's booth. The machine provides simple, low-cost compressible sealing through a bell that can be shifted on the die to seal each mold chamber individually. This considerably reduces the evacuation volume, which results in less evacuation time and 80% less energy consumption of the vacuum unit. The output from the press is also higher than with previous pressing technologies due to a considerable reduction in cycle time, and the system also requires a lower capital investment and lower maintenance costs compared to conventional technologies.

Riedhammer GmbH introduced its new CHESS automation concept, which features the use of sighted robots for loading and unloading sanitaryware. The system is capable of setting the ware independent of the location and time of kiln operation; it provides fast and gentle handling of the product in connection with an extremely flexible setting scheme completely independent of the slab size; and it can handle up to 70 different articles within one product line.

Visitors to the Sacmi Group exhibit saw a range of new technologies. The new PHR 500 refractory press offers the advanced technological characteristics of its sister models in a smaller size, making it suitable for the production of bricks and special items such as nozzles, checkers and pipes. Functional characteristics, such as a filler box with rotating vanes, synchronized moving part motion, the use of proportional control valves on all hydraulic controls, and integrated control software, reportedly allow the press to form even highly complex pieces with absolute precision. The new PH 6200 tile press for large porcelain tile, which offers a high load width and fast pressing cycle, was also on display.

Takasago Industry Co. Ltd. highlighted its tailor-made kilns for both traditional and advanced ceramic manufacturing, as well as its ability to design fully automated roofing tile plants. And Vesuvius displayed saggars for use in high-temperature applications, Drilok interlocking refractory bricks, rail bricks for heat treatment furnaces, and its new KR84LB brick lining for high-temperature furnaces (up to 1830 degrees C/3326 degrees F).

A wide range of other products were also on display at this year's show.

Editor's note:

This article is not intended to be an endorsement of any companies or products; all of the companies mentioned in this article submitted materials for publication in Ceramic Industry. ceramitec 2006 will take place October 10-14 in Munich, Germany. For more information, contact Messe Munchen GmbH, (49) 89-949-21710, fax (49) 89-949-21719, e-mail heeb@messe-muenchen.de, or visit http://www.ceramitec.com.