Ceramic Industry

CeramTec: Laser Services

March 7, 2005
CeramTec's computer-controlled, carbon dioxide lasers perform scribing, cutting and drilling to extremely tight tolerances, with minimum hole diameters of 0.10 mm. The company's laser services reduce the cost and time involved with traditional tool fabrication. CeramTec lasers turn out substrates in a variety of outside contour geometries, hole patterns, cutouts and snape-lines. To ensure fast production, the company stocks a large quantity of alumina and aluminum nitride substrates, including the 96% alumina Rubalit(R) 708S, an increasingly popular choice among microelectronics producers worldwide. Substrates are sized up to 8 by 10 in., in thicknesses from .010 to .060 in. CeramTec offers multiple laser-scribed substrates in all common machine formats from 2 in. square to 5 by 6 in. The company's finishing options include laser-cut edges and treated edges.

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