Ceramic Industry

CeramTec: New Aluminum Oxide Substrate

June 8, 2004
Rubalit(R) HSS is the newest aluminum oxide substrate developed by CeramTec.

Rubalit(R) HSS, the newest aluminum oxide substrate developed by CeramTec, offers extremely high strength and elasticity along with outstanding thermal properties. Rubalit HSS (high strength substrate) features an ultra-fine microstructure and highly consistent surface quality. Available in thicknesses from .008, .010 and .015 in., the new substrate offers designers 500% greater thermal cycling resistance and 50% more bending strength and surface quality compared to conventional substrates. Ideal for applications where high power densities and component miniaturization are called for, Rubalit HSS is compatible with new, higher caliber technologies used in electronic solutions for a broad variety of markets.

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