Ceramic Industry

CeramTec North America Confirms Progress

May 14, 2003
CeramTec North America Corp. (CTNA) has confirmed that its significant realignment and restructuring during the last nine months has resulted in increased sales and profitability. "I am very pleased to report that CTNA's consolidated figures are achieving our aggressive budget for both sales and EBT (profits) in the first quarter of 2003," said Walt Dollman, president and chief executive officer. "This strength is welcome news for the company as the economy has been generally mediocre in many of the markets served by our products." Dollman attributes CTNA's first quarter sales and profit increase to several factors, including the company's continuing "progress through change" program. "Our company initiated substantial changes in North American operations over the past year that included restructuring our labor force, strengthening and realigning our sales offerings, consolidating facilities, increasing investment, and enhancing responsiveness," Dollman said. "I am pleased with the improving state of business and in the growing progressive synergy throughout CeramTec North America."

The company's website is located at http://www.ceramtec.com .