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Cevisama Unveils New Promotional Image (posted 7/24/07)

July 24, 2007

Cevisama recently announced a new promotional image for 2008 that is based on a common identity that splits out as three images tailored to the event’s target audiences of architects, interior designers and retailers. It is a modern image that reflects the graphic trend in outlines and black to attract attention, and includes acid colors to provide a contrast. In addition, the campaign is based on a new concept: Artechnology, or the symbiosis of art, design, architecture and technology.

Cevisama is an important event for those interested in the latest trends in interior design and the products with the most revolutionary applications. The solutions to architectural and decorative requirements that are being offered by Spain’s ceramic tile industry are increasing exponentially, and Cevisama reviews them all. As the slogan says, the exhibition is the first to show the latest.

The same is true of the bathroom furnishings section at Cevisama. This is an industry that excels year after year, showing new models and materials in both sanitaryware and accessories. What is eye-catching about the industry at Cevisama is the growing number of firms represented and the attractive ways in which they display new models of washbasins, baths, shower cubicles, shower screens, fittings and accessories.

The 26th Cevisama is set to take place February 5-9, 2008. As in every even-numbered year, the 2008 event will include machinery for the ceramic tile industry, as well as the sectors that are featured every year: architectural ceramic, bathroom and kitchen furnishings, raw materials, glazes, frits, and colors for ceramic tiles, roof tiles and brick, display furniture, and fixing materials.

Visit http://cevisama.feriavalencia.com to view the new image or for additional information.