Ceramic Industry

Chemco Introduces New Powder Cartridge

October 18, 2000
Chemco Manufacturing has introduced a powder cartridge that is 100% efficient for particles 1 micron and above, the company reports. The Perma-Clean cartridge uses patented Gore-Tex(R) powder technology. The new cartridge features a conductive, expanded ePTFE membrane over an aluminized polyester substrate. This combination reportedly results in very low resistance (anti-static) and optimum powder release properties. In addition, according to the company, the slick, microporous surface of the cartridge provides exceptionally high performance efficiencies. The Perma-Clean differs substantially from cellulose and polyester filter medias in that it produces minimal powder retention. Its non-linting media reclaims powder that is uncontaminated and eliminates the need for seasoning or preconditioning.

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