Ceramic Industry

Chilworth Announces Expansion

October 5, 2011

Chilworth Global recently announced it has expanded its process safety services capabilities with the addition of new offices and laboratories across the globe, as well as expanded process safety expertise delivered by more than 200 process safety engineers companywide. The company now has offices in Germany, China, Japan and Brazil, which will reportedly enable Chilworth to serve clients that operate facilities in these rapidly growing and important markets.

“We continue to grow and innovate to provide process safety solutions that meet the needs of our clients worldwide and that are at the forefront of process safety globally,” said Vahid Ebadat, CEO of Chilworth North America. “Many companies in the processing industries need a one-stop shop where they can obtain all the process safety services they require, including specialist consulting, process safety training, laboratory testing, litigation support, and more. Our best-in-class solutions are now delivered by more than 200 highly experienced multi-disciplinary process safety specialists globally.”

For more information, visit www.chilworthglobal.com.