Ceramic Industry

CII Announces Top 10 Developments in Ceramic Interconnect Technology

September 30, 2002
The Top Ten Developments in Ceramic Interconnect Technology were recognized at a recent press event hosted by the Ceramic Interconnect Initiative (CII) at IMAPS 2002, the 35th International Symposium on Microelectronics in Denver, Colo. Heraeus Inc. was awarded first place for its HL2000 zero shrink low temperature co-fire ceramic (LTCC) tape system that incorporates the company's proprietary HeraLock(TM) patent pending zero-shrink materials technology. The system provides a means to significantly increase the flexibility in using LTCC technology for production of microelectronic substrates, packages and components. HeraLock LTCC technology enables the fabrication of large panel LTCC substrates, which result in higher throughput and assembly yield at a lower cost than conventional free sintered or constrained LTCC technology. Other winners included Cerel (Ceramic Technologies Ltd.), CAD-Design Software, Midcom-ESL, Kyocera, NEC, Satcon, Phillips, National Semiconductor, Motorola and Plextek.

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