Ceramic Industry

Cladan: Printing System

August 22, 2005
Cladan Corp. recently announced the availability of its new Integrated Conductor Printing System for industrial electronics. Providing continuous web handling, the CLA-300 printer system uses a proprietary cylindrical platen to improve resolution, reduce distortion and extend screen life indefinitely. Fully self contained in an environmentally controlled cabinet, the CLA-300 accepts films, ceramic tape or foils, and continuously prints, dries and rewinds with interleave materials to facilitate high-volume manufacturing processes. Processing a 7- x 7-in. print every 5 seconds, the system produces 4200 fully processed prints per shift, rolled and ready for stacking or further manufacturing.

For more information, call (858) 509-0110 or e-mail jimnickerson@cladancorp.com.