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CoorsTek Announces New Specialty Materials Center (posted 7/18/07)

July 18, 2007

CoorsTek Announces New Specialty Materials Center (posted 7/18/07) CoorsTek recently announced the opening of a specialty materials center that focuses on developing next-generation ceramic materials for applications in high-technology markets like semiconductor, electronics, laser, advanced armor, medical and others. The multi-million-dollar center provides a comprehensive resource for advanced ceramic material development.

State-of-the-art processing, manufacturing, finishing and materials analysis equipment were added, along with a significant increase in technical staffing and a substantial expansion of the company’s R&D facilities. All of these capabilities are designed to enable ultra-high material purities, increased characterization detail, faster material development cycles and expanded advanced processing capabilities.

“We’ve built an amazing capability within the last 18 months by hand-selecting some of the world’s most capable equipment and personnel,” said Frank Anderson, Ph.D., director of technology for CoorsTek. “Our ultra-pure ceramic materials capability will support nearly all of our industries, especially the stringent demands of the semiconductor manufacturing market as it moves beyond 45 nm devices.”

For additional information, visit www.coorstek.com.