Ceramic Industry

Coorstek: Ceramic Vacuum Wafer Chucks

February 16, 2006
Coorstek: Ceramic Vacuum Wafer Chucks CoorsTek recently introduced its latest capability for the advanced semiconductor manufacturing market -- ultra-flat, high-purity ceramic vacuum chucks. These components offer significant performance advantages over traditional wafer chucks. Specifically, CoorsTek ceramic vacuum chucks are three to five times stiffer than glass or metal alternatives, which, coupled with advanced technical ceramic manufacturing, drives chuck flatness to new standards. Available in several of the CoorsTek signature materials, such as UltraSiC™ silicon carbide, PureSiC® CVD silicon carbide, PlasmaPure™ alumina and StatSafe™ ESD alumina, these chucks feature all the commonly known benefits of high-purity ceramic, including exceptional corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity.

For additional information, e-mail anield@coorstek.com or visit http://www.coorstek.com/products/ceramic_chucks.asp