Ceramic Industry

CoorsTek Completes Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics Acquisition

January 11, 2011

CoorsTek Inc. recently announced the completion of its purchase of the advanced ceramics business of Saint-Gobain. Augmenting an already expansive market presence, CoorsTek now owns and operates 44 facilities on four continents.

With the acquisition, CoorsTek adds six manufacturing facilities in Europe; four in the U.S.; and one in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, respectively; as well as distribution and sales offices in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Product lines and materials added include silicon carbide for use in semiconductor processing equipment; proprietary silicon carbide ceramic blends used in hot surface ignition systems; silicon nitride used to make extremely durable bearings; mullite used in molten metal filtration; steatite for electrical appliance markets; and specialty ceramics for custom, critical-duty applications.

“Two industry leaders with decades of innovative, high-quality performance now operate as a larger, more capable CoorsTek,” said John K. Coors, chairman, president and CEO of CoorsTek. “We offer our customers expanded material and processing capabilities, product offerings, and geographical reach.”

For more information, visit www.coorstek.com or www.saint-gobain.com.