Ceramic Industry

CoorsTek Expands Material Base to Include Fused Quartz

October 17, 2001
CoorsTek, Inc. recently announced that it has entered into a fabricator agreement with a U.S.-based market leader in fused quartz materials. As an authorized quartz fabricator, CoorsTek will sell and distribute high-purity fused quartz, primarily to semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers. CoorsTek will fabricate, assemble, sell and distribute various varieties of quartz, including opaque, low alkali, low hydroxyl and other quartz materials for use in semiconductor processing chamber components. These materials are ideal for demanding environment applications due to their exceptional performance in high temperature operations, ultra-high purity applications, and specific wavelength transmission. Initially, the company plans to integrate the quartz operations into its Oak Ridge, Tenn., facility, where the quartz will be precision machined into various semiconductor processing chamber components. Overall, the CoorsTek's goal is to emerge as a significant player in the fused quartz business, similar to its position as a leader in the precision-machined ceramics and metals arenas.