Ceramic Industry

CoorsTek Inc.: MidFilm(R) Ceramic Substrates

April 16, 2003
CoorsTek, Inc. recently announced that it now offers MidFilm(R) ceramic substrates, which promise near thin-film printing performance at prices much closer to traditional thick-film substrates. The new technology uses the same lower-cost manufacturing method used in making thick-film substrates, but with a higher-performance material -- the company's ADS-995-R alumina. This process yields what CoorsTek calls MidFilm substrates. The high-performance materials produce an as-fired substrate surface capable of holding high-resolution circuits with conductive traces and lines of constant height and width. The low-line-loss characteristics of this substrate make it ideal for high-frequency applications from microwave to nanobit networks, fiber optics and microchip modules.

For more information, call (970) 244-1165 or visit http://www.coorstek.com .