Ceramic Industry

CoorsTek, Inc.: Sealed Multi-layer Channel Components

October 22, 2002
CoorsTek, Inc. recently announced that it has developed a revolutionary new process for producing 100% hermetically sealed multi-layer channel components. This proprietary process joins two or more ceramic sheets together, creating layers that can contain vertical or horizontal channels used to transport vacuum, air or liquids with no fluid or air leakages. The channeled components are also compatible with traditional thick film printing. The multi-layer channel products are ideal in situations where a heat exchanger, heat sink or heat dissipater is necessary, or in those that require a path for corrosive fluids.

For more information on the multi-layer channel components, call (970) 244-1165 or visit http://www.coorstek.com/coorstek/pdf/8510-1079_Channeled_Substrates.pdf to view the corporate data sheet. The company's website is located at http://www.coorstek.com .