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Corning Elects Two New Senior Vice Presidents

December 13, 2010

The board of directors for Corning Inc. has elected two new senior vice presidents, effective immediately: Christine M. Pambianchi and Gary S. Calabrese, Ph.D.

Pambianchi joined Corning in 2000 as Division Human Resource manager of Corning Optical Fiber, and went on to become director of Human Resources for Corning Optical Communications and director of Business Human Resources. Pambianchi was named division vice president of Business Human Resources in 2004 and elected vice president in 2007. She became vice president of Corning’s Human Resources function in 2008.

Calabrese joined Corning in 2008 as vice president of Science & Technology. In November 2009, he took on the additional role of director of Photovoltaic Glass Technologies.

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