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Corning Filters Selected by Ford of Europe (posted 10/12/09)

October 12, 2009

Corning Inc. recently announced that Ford of Europe is equipping several models of its European market diesel passenger cars with the Corning® DuraTrap® AT filter. Corning has begun shipping the product to Ford of Europe.

“This is a significant opportunity,” said Thomas R. Hinman, senior vice president of Corning Environmental Technologies. “Ford of Europe is one of the largest diesel car manufacturers in Europe. We are pleased that they have integrated the DuraTrap AT filter into their emissions control systems. Corning’s AT filter technology will help them meet stringent operating conditions and strict regulations.”

The Corning DuraTrap AT filter uses an advanced aluminum titanate composition that delivers enhanced durability, high-filtration efficiency and excellent pressure drop within exhaust after-treatment systems. This filter also uses a monolithic structure that contributes to its durability. The DuraTrap AT filter is being used around the world to help customers meet stringent particulate emissions regulations. It is designed for use in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Corning diesel filters are used in emission control systems to remove particulate matter (soot) from vehicle exhaust. These wall-flow filters collect soot particles using a cellular ceramic structure with alternating channels open at the inlet and plugged on the outlet of the filter. Periodically the filter is regenerated to consume the soot and clean the filter.

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