Ceramic Industry

Corning: Generation 6 Glass Substrates

June 30, 2003

Corning Inc. recently introduced what are reportedly the world's first and only commercially available thin film transistor (TFT) grade Generation 6 glass substrates for active matrix liquid crystal displays (LCD). Initial capacity, being supplied out of Corning's Shizuoka, Japan, facility, is the first of several planned investments by the company in new Generation 6 substrate production. The large sheets of pristine glass measure approximately 1500 by 1800 mm, or roughly 5 by 6 ft, at 0.7 mm and thinner. The industry-wide migration by LCD manufacturers to large generation substrates will drive the adoption of LCD technology in the desktop monitor and television market segments. "Larger size glass substrates translate into increased output and streamlined production costs for display manufacturers, and enable the production of larger screen sizes demanded by the TV industry," said James P. Clappin, general manager of Corning Display Technologies.

Corning's website is located at http://www.corning.com .