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Corning to Open New Diesel Clean-air Products Facility in 2004

November 1, 2001
Corning Inc. recently announced that its board of directors has approved the construction of a new diesel emission control product manufacturing facility. The new plant, to be located in Erwin, N.Y., will use advanced manufacturing technologies and processes to produce both diesel filters and diesel catalyst substrates. Construction is scheduled to begin by early 2002, with initial production of substrate and filter products expected in early 2004. "As global demand increases for stricter regulation of emissions, Corning is committed to helping diesel vehicle manufacturers meet these tighter standards," said Corning's president and CEO, John Loose. "The worldwide market for substrates and filters for diesel applications is expected to reach approximately $1.5 billion by 2008. With initiatives such as our new plant announced today, Corning expects to continue on as a leading supplier in this market." Having received board approval, the company plans to invest approximately $200 million in the new plant over a five-year period beginning this year.

To learn how Corning substrates and particulate filters clean diesel emissions, visit http://www.corning.com/discovery-center/.