Ceramic Industry

Corning Wins Advanced Display Product of the Year

August 1, 2001
Corning Inc. was recently awarded the 2001 Advanced Display Product of the Year (ADY) in the Material and Component category for its EAGLE2000TM glass substrates, which are used in active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD). Corning's Display Technologies division received the award during a ceremony held recently in Tokyo at the Fine Process Technology Japan Show. Corning EAGLE2000 is the first AMLCD glass ever selected to receive the ADY award. Corning manufactures EAGLE2000 glass for leading AMLCD panel manufacturers around the world. EAGLE2000 substrates enable manufacturers to produce larger, thinner and higher resolution displays more affordably, while trimming weight by up to 35%. Its low-density composition makes EAGLE2000 the lightest AMLCD glass substrate on the market. The new glass has the industry's lowest thermal expansion and the highest chemical durability, creating an opportunity for panel manufacturers to increase yield and productivity, effectively reducing production costs.

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