Ceramic Industry

CSI Targets GPS Chip Makers

August 6, 2000
Communication Systems International (CSI), a supplier of low cost precision equipment to the global positioning system (GPS) industry, has applied for a patent on a new ceramic frequency filter for differential GPS correction signals. The filter uses a ceramic material, which permits increased sensitivity, better signal acquisition and less interference.

“The GPS microchip providers with which CSI is working see this new filter as an important advantage in the integration of the CSI technology with GPS chipset products,” said Stephen Verhoeff, president and CEO. “The new filter is very attractive from an OEM standpoint because it comes encased in a single unit for plug-and-play integration, providing a quick, easy, low-cost solution without any tuning requirements.” Competitive filters based on inductors generally require added capacitors and integration onto a printed circuit board layout, then need to be tuned.