Ceramic Industry

Delcam: ArtCAM 2D Software

June 11, 2002
Delcam recently released ArtCAM 2D, a new 'entry level' version of its ArtCAM Pro software for 2-D and 2.5-D CNC engraving and routing. The new version takes lettering and other artwork and generates machining instructions for all sizes of product, from small pieces of jewelry to signs and billboards. The software is extremely easy to use, with on-line help available at every stage. Designs can be created using ArtCAM's comprehensive drawing and text creation tools. Alternatively, they can be imported from other graphics packages or as bitmap images or scans. Once created, designs can easily be edited, rotated or scaled within the software. Special tools allow text to be placed along or around any shape of curve.

For additional information, call (44) 121-683-1081, e-mail marketing@delcam.com or visit http://www.delcam.com.